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girl gangs make me swoon so hard

Lemme be you

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I had a dream I was dating this really hot KGB agent.

I just remember waking up pissed that the people I encounter in my dreams and 1000 times more interesting than the goobers I deal with in waking life.

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merdeka-now asked: Yeah, or we could go travel somewhere if we both have time at some point. Because if I can indeed go, I'll have a lot I'll want to see! It would be best to send it to "13 rue docteur Hérouard, 50570 Marigny", I'm gonna be there a bit more now


We should go to a music festival!

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spectrespecs- asked: Hit a nigga up 786 320 2607 -noel


I’m waiting on an Iphone to come in the mail, son

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